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More from Saturday …

… but first, here is the valley today – more rain, more clouds, another photo of a partially hidden mountain.

One huge bonus is the cooler weather we are enjoying lately. 🙂

On Saturday, my son and daughter-in-law invited a few friends around for a bar-be-que. Their back yard is quite small, so we are happy to share ours with our family and their friends.

All my grandchildren were here too, and I took a couple of photos of Braxton and Aurora that I rather like.

Aurora’s balloon escaped and ended up in the pool, so Poppy took her into the pool area to help her rescue it.

Aurora met puppy Summer for the first time too, and they discovered they were just the right size for one another. ❤ Aurora wasn’t about to let go of that balloon either.

Braxton didn’t realise how patient I could be when I planned on taking his photo. Hiding behind his hand wouldn’t deter me. 😉

Gotcha! 😛

Today I had the final detailed measure of my new kitchen, which will begin installation in the second week of February. Exciting times! 🙂

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Three Adorable Ones

Tonight my four-year-old grandson is having a sleep-over at Nana and Poppy’s house, and I have snuck away to add a very quick post while he is watching the Spongebob movie. Poppy is out buying pizza for dinner, as you do when the opportunity arises to spoil your grandson. 🙂

Today all three grandchildren visited, so someone had the great idea that we’d try and get a photo of them all together. Hmm, they are all together, so that’s a start! We’ll have to work on encouraging them to all smile – or at least all look at the camera – at the same time. 😉

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Back to Basics … AKA “In My World”

On a day when far too many people expressed far too many biased opinions on (political) matters which were once regarded as a personal matter, on a biased public forum (social media) which I have considered leaving many times during recent weeks, I will share some photos of realities. This is what is happening In My World.

A drastic change in the weather provided a reprieve from the heat of the last two days. Mount Warning, however, remained in hiding all day. (Perhaps I should have done the same.)

In the distance, I spotted a tree containing many beautiful song birds. When I magnified the photo, I was able to identify the birds as both male and female Figbirds.

I had a visit from four-month-old Eli, who has worked out how to roll over onto his tummy. He was mesmerised by Brontë, and it seemed the feeling was mutual. Brontë was completely besotted with Eli.

When you take away all of the B.S. in the world, isn’t love and caring the most important thing?

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What day is it?

It’s that time of year again, when one day blurs into the next and I forget what day of the week it is. Thank goodness for calendars!

So having discovered it is Saturday – not Silent Sunday – I can say a few words. 😉

Today I spent the day relaxing. Christmas is over, everyone enjoyed the food and gifts that were handed out, the kitchen looks liveable again, the fridge is stashed full of left-overs (so I don’t need to cook for a while) and the torn wrapping paper and curling ribbons are ready and waiting in the garbage for next week’s bin collection. With a contented sigh, after another Christmas well celebrated, life moves on.

This morning we had a sweet little visitor who arrived with her mummy and daddy.  After a swim in the pool, she enjoyed a gingerbread ice cream sandwich.

After they left, I spent over two hours on the phone to my sister, who lives about a six-hour drive away. After catching up on how each of us spent Christmas Day, my next visitors arrived.

This is the newest addition to the family – my fur-grand-baby, Summer.

Summer’s owner, my eldest son, stayed for dinner and helped us eat some Christmas left-overs while his wife was at work.

We have had some beautiful weather the past couple of days, with temperatures around the mid-twenties, and very little humidity. Perfect Boxing Day summer weather, accompanied by another beautiful sunset sky. 🙂