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Back in 2009, when I made the decision to begin this website, I knew that I wanted to write.

But write about what?

All of the advice I had been given stressed the advantage of writing about a topic that is of interest to you.

Hmm…narrowing myself down to just one subject of interest wasn’t going to be easy!

When I looked into my heart-of-hearts, asking myself what it is in this world that makes me feel the happiest, the answer was easy ~ My Home, My Family, My life, in and around My Home.

And with that decision made, Home Life Online was born, a blog about my life at home ~ online! With that settled, my next hurdle would be, what exactly will I write about my home?

I enjoy cooking, I love gardening, and the two subjects became my starting point. Barely six months had passed with posts written mainly about cooking, and adding favourite recipes, and I felt bored. As wonderful as they are, there is so much more to life than cooking and gardening!

By June, 2010, I had made the decision to branch out, by writing more personal stories about my life and family. In the early days, I would breathe a deep breath of hesitation, before hitting the publish button on any blog posts.

Did people who read my posts know that I was holding back?

Did they sense the hesitation I was feeling?

I didn’t know the answer to those questions, but I felt it, so it just didn’t feel right to me.

I can’t actually pinpoint the exact time that my view of writing changed. Was it when I relaxed and realised that just because I was publishing my writing on the World Wide Web, not every single person on the planet would not be seeing what I had written?

Maybe it all changed for me when I stopped judging myself so harshly, along with realising that I was not being judged by others. Other people writing blogs were far more concerned  whether they were being judged themselves, to be concerned with judging me!

Another thing I noticed over time was the depth of warmth exuding from the blogs I was regularly visiting, the same warmth, in fact, that I hoped they felt when they paid a visit to my blog!

These days, I am becoming less shy over introducing myself to people I “bump into” on the web. I’ve discovered the power of like-minded folks being attracted to one another, even across the world, and through the internet. And at the end of the day, friends are friends, caring about one another, offering support to other friends, sharing in their joys and sorrows, even with those they have never met.

Especially with those they have never met!

When you visit my home, online, I will welcome you with open arms, sharing with you some stories of my life here Australia, within my home, my garden, the surrounding district, and even further afield, if that’s where I find a story to share.

My world is ever-changing; my life doesn’t stand still for too long; my website continues to evolve.

So make yourself at home and join in the conversations. Make friends with my friends. Isn’t that what life’s all about ~ sharing and caring?


15 thoughts on “About ~ In My World

  1. Joanne, I have just read your recent piece on The Calm Space entitled Monte Carlo… or Me? and something went “ping”.

    Four years ago we (hubby, Master 4 and Miss 12) made the tree change from the city and moved to a remote small town in Far North Queensland and I have found it difficult to adjust to just about everything except the gorgeous lush surroundings and lovely outlook from our home, which have been my saviour. I have been terribly lonely and depressed (the rainy season doesn’t help any) and should be taking medication to help with the blues. I haven’t been taking them as I’m trying to fall pregnant (without success) and would prefer to be drug free until this happens.

    Anyway – long story short. My children are healthy and bright. My husband is a wonderful man. We live in a beautiful part of the world. We are debt free and I asked myself again today whether this is enough for me and today I answered myself honestly that “YES, this is enough for me, so just get on with it and enjoy what you have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have or think you should have!”.

    It was an important moment and I have already made a list of things that need to be “gotten on with”. I have also made an appointment with a doctor to sort out the blues.

    Thank you for your article. Also, your site is full of great recipes that I’d love to try with my daughter for my family.

    Thanks again.


  2. Diane, thank you so much for sharing your story and thoughts with me. It sounds as though you actually do have so many things to be thankful for and your own realisation of this is your first step towards yours and your families future happiness.

    The Calm Space is a wonderful place to “hang out” with friends. Have you signed up for “A Month Of Me Time” yet? As you read through the articles on the website you will discover that there are other people out there, just like you, who have questioned so many aspects of their lives. Sharing stories with each other brings many new ideas for your own life to light. http://www.thecalmspace.com

    You have made your list, you have the doctors appointment arranged. The only direction you can go now is UP! Good luck with everything. 🙂

    You have no idea how happy it makes me, to know that my article gave you the “ping” you needed to appreciate all of the wonderful aspects of your life!

    Enjoy your cooking with your daughter! It is a fantastic way to spend time together. 🙂

    Keep in touch. Joanne.


  3. Hiya cuz!

    So you are pie people huh? I shall send you Billie’s recipe for cheese and onion pie – it’s the best, and lots of people agree 😀

    Nice website this – keep it going!



  4. Mike, thanks for stopping by!! And thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    Please do send Billie’s cheese and onion pie recipe, it sounds like the type of pie we would all love…I will make it and add a post on my site, with full acknowledgment of Billie’s contribution!


  5. Thanks for the welcome here and also for dropping by my pond a little earlier and reading the ripples. Appreciate your choice to ‘follow’ my ruminations as I look forward to ‘following’ yours. Happy thoughts…


  6. You have a wonderful perspective about writing. Now that I’ve been writing background information about my grandmother’s diary entries for more than two year, I’ve also found that I’ve become more relaxed over time.


    1. Writing helps our thoughts to evolve, don’t you think Sheryl? For me, my writing changes constantly and I have to set my mind in a certain place before writing also, to “feel” the words. Writing is like so many other things we learn in life, only practice teaches us how to do it. 🙂


  7. I really love your ‘About’ page, so warm and heartfelt. I think I’ve found another friend across the miles (and I see Jenna Dee, a mutual friend of ours, has stopped by above with a ‘like’). Small is the world of cyber-space!


    1. Thank you so much for dropping by Eliza! You are right, I do know Jenna, in fact after I left a comment on her blog post today I read through the other comments and thought you had given her great advice, which is why I visited your blog. It’s wonderful having a circle of blogging friends. 🙂


  8. As I read about your blog journey, I’m confident that yours parallels that of many others. … which, to me, is a good thing. Cheers to the goodness of the world making the world smaller and better.


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