Writing Creatively

Writing Creatively

Back in March 2010, when the fear of exposure overpowered my desire to write in a public arena, I took on the pseudonym of Annie Potts.

Hiding behind the facade of another name allowed me the time I needed to write anonymously whilst gaining confidence in my abilities. These days, the fear of not writing well enough to share my work no longer exists, although I don’t believe I’m a great writer, in fact I’m probably less confident in my abilities now than ever before. What I have learnt, however, is that most writers, even famous, best-selling authors lack confidence sometimes, so I’m not alone. It helps that I’ve also discovered that the world keeps on spinning regardless of whether I publish a decent post or a page of rubbish.

Every day I learn something new about the art of creative writing. In 2015, to accelerate the learning process, I went back to “school” and this year (2017) I completed the final units of a “Diploma of Family History”, a course originally chosen to enhance my desire to learn the intricacies of family history research. Last year I successfully completed four preparatory units to gain enrollment into university and I’m currently working toward a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English.

My university study simultaneously excites and terrifies me, whilst constantly challenging my abilities to decipher texts and research the opinions of learned academics, all of which leads to writing essays, reports, reviews and reflective statements. And amid the maze of academic writing, there is even, just occasionally, the opportunity to write creatively.

Which leads to why I have decided to perform a complete revamp of “Annie Potts”. I no longer need to hide, but I enjoy the identity Annie provides for this segment of my life. Annie doesn’t share my labels of wife, mother and business owner, Annie is my alter-ego, the independent student and writer who chooses to follow her own heart whilst attempting to tap into her creative abilities. This creative persona doesn’t ultimately define who I am, it merges with the wife, mother and business owner to enhance the complete being.

As I travel the journey toward mastering the complexities of the English language and the art of creative writing – both of which are impossible tasks and a destination which will never be reached – I invite you to share your thoughts, opinions and feelings as we travel the journey toward this unknown destination together.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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