Memoirs of My Life

Remembering when....


 “Memoir’s of My Life” is the website I began not long after “Home Life Online”, although back then, I decided to write under the pseudonym of Annie Potts.

Annie Potts is one great name, and I will continue to write my memoirs under that name, but now, you all know my secret.

Sshhh….don’t tell. 😉

“Recordings of thoughts, both past and present, will be inserted within these  pages…

There is no right and wrong in my world, just differing opinions…here you will find my thoughts and opinions.

There are two sides to my personality. One part of me lives in the moment, going with the flow of life as it is today. Living in the here & now & moving along with the tides of life.

But there is another side. One of nostalgia & a love of by-gone eras. Old architecture. Old clothes. Old values. Old names. Romance. A time when life was so much simpler. And reminiscing.

Annie Potts is my nostalgic name. It represents my gentle world. It is the personality at the centre of who I really am.

I encourage you all to become “the real you”. Not the person who another wants you to be…the person who YOU want to be!

Be true to yourself.

Life is a journey…Live, laugh and love with everything you’ve got!”


I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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