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Flight 2021

Rain in the morning.

Today I am breaking tradition.

It’s Wordless Wednesday – the last for 2020 – and these words, found on Facebook,

seem to be far more appropriate today that just photos. ❤

The Boarding of Flight 2021
has been announced …
You Have 1 day left
before the final call.
Your luggage should
only contain the best
souvenirs from 2020
The bad and sad moments
should be left in the garbage …
The duration of the flight
will be 12 months.
So, tighten your seatbelt …
The next stop-overs will be:
Health, Love, Joy, Harmony,
Well-being and Peace.
The captain offers you the
following menu which
will be served during the flight …
A Cocktail of Friendship
A Supreme of Health
A Gratin of Prosperity
A Bowl of Excellent News
A Salad of Success
A Cake of Happiness
All accompanied by bursts
of laughter …
I wish you and your family
an enjoyable trip
on board flight 2021
Let Me Thank All
The Good People Like You,
Who Made the year 2020
beautiful For Me.
I Pray You be Blessed
With An Awesome Year Ahead.

❤ ❤ ❤

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What day is it?

It’s that time of year again, when one day blurs into the next and I forget what day of the week it is. Thank goodness for calendars!

So having discovered it is Saturday – not Silent Sunday – I can say a few words. 😉

Today I spent the day relaxing. Christmas is over, everyone enjoyed the food and gifts that were handed out, the kitchen looks liveable again, the fridge is stashed full of left-overs (so I don’t need to cook for a while) and the torn wrapping paper and curling ribbons are ready and waiting in the garbage for next week’s bin collection. With a contented sigh, after another Christmas well celebrated, life moves on.

This morning we had a sweet little visitor who arrived with her mummy and daddy.  After a swim in the pool, she enjoyed a gingerbread ice cream sandwich.

After they left, I spent over two hours on the phone to my sister, who lives about a six-hour drive away. After catching up on how each of us spent Christmas Day, my next visitors arrived.

This is the newest addition to the family – my fur-grand-baby, Summer.

Summer’s owner, my eldest son, stayed for dinner and helped us eat some Christmas left-overs while his wife was at work.

We have had some beautiful weather the past couple of days, with temperatures around the mid-twenties, and very little humidity. Perfect Boxing Day summer weather, accompanied by another beautiful sunset sky. 🙂

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Another (Different) Sunset

During our recent hot, humid, hazy weather, I have noticed that the best time of day to take photos of the valley is either first thing in the morning – before the valley begins to look hazy – or later in the day – after the haze has been burnt off and replaced by a sunset. Caught up as I am in the mornings though, feeding both my domestic menagerie and the local birds, (oh, and myself!) I tend to forget to take photos of the mountain in the morning. When the camera is out, it’s to take photos of my feathered visitors, such as this friendly kookaburra, sitting right beside my window.

Hmm, I wonder if that stare is a method of emotional blackmail for more food? 😉

Tonight, although it is yet another sunset photo, at least it’s a differently coloured sunset than last night. And I will try to remember to take a morning photo tomorrow. 🙂